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stomach pain eating nuts

Stomach Pain Eating Nuts

Pigged out on raw nuts, now feel very uncomfortable :( Help!?

I ate way too much nuts, they were almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts and they were unsalted, but now my stomach feels so bloated and hurts. Anything I can do to relieve the pain or speed up digestion or something? Should I drink a cup of green tea? Or peppermint?? Please help!

It’s just because you probably ate too many nuts. Drink some tea and just relax. Don’t jump around or anything and next time, limit how many you eat to stop this from happening again.

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By admin on April 2, 2011 | Most Popular

Stomach Pain Eat

Extreme Stomach Pain, cant eat or drink?

For the past week I was having what felt like stomach flu symptoms, I was feeling nautious and could eat very little more than some toast. Then about 4 days ago I had 2 very violent vommiting episodes on a completely empty stomach (think I was barfing nothing but acid). I went to the er and they treated me for dehydration by giving me fluid. But now I am unable to eat or drink due to EXTREME pain in my throat and then in my stomach. The pain is absolutely unbearable and overwhelming. Light amounts of water are the only thing I can have without this pain. Even a very small sip of gatorade causes this horrible pain. Anybody have any idea what this pain my be or how long it may take to go away? I am so weak from not eating so I am starting to be driven insane by this.

The extreme pain in your throat may be from vomiting and because of the dehydration, it causes irritation. To make sure you have fluids, have you tried sucking on frozen Popsicles? I would recommend going back to the ER and ask for a ultrasound in the stomach area and request a complete workup. If you are having pain for that long and not able to eat, causes dizziness, fainting, blackouts and confusion. Have someone take you to the doctor now. DO NOT drive!!!!

Good luck.

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