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Left Abdominal Pain Spotting

Abdominal pain is this normal?

I recently started having pain in my abdomen, it felt like cramps at first (though oddly on the left side only). I’m currently on bc shot (lasts 3 months) and I’m 2 months into my first shot, and the 2 times I’ve had my period I bled. I’ve also had minor spotting every few weeks as well. So far no spotting, but still pain. This tiem around there has been no bleeding, and my abdomen feels sore.
My abdomen from my belly button and down also feels a bit swollen? I guess that’s the word I’d use.

the belly being “swollen” thing is your most likely distention or “bloating” and can be caused from anything from foods, allergies to foods, medicines, maybe side effect to the bc. If constant and bad pain along with the distention, seeing a doctor and going over symptoms would be best.

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Stomach Pain Spotting

Is it possible to have periods without ant stomach pain….wat is the difference between spotting & periods?

my girlfriend says she didnt have any pain during her periods and the bleeding was very lower than usual………is it possible to have periods without any pain……wats the difference between periods and spotting

yes its very possible every women is different, spotting would be just a little blood, periods is like alot of blood, but it also depends on how her cycle is because some women start off bleeding heavy, light or normal when they come on ask her whats her normal flow, and if its very little blood it might be spotting, if not then she should be fine too because all your periods wont always be exactly the same every month

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Abdominal Pain Spotting

14 weeks pregnant and having shooting sever pain in lower abdominal area?

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first. Since yesterday, I have been having this shooting pain in my lower abdominal area. It just comes for a couple of seconds and vanishes but is very sever. I don’t have any bleeding or spotting. What is the cause of this pain and should I be concerned? Has anybody else have had this sort of pain?

sounds like round ligament pain to me. yes it does hurt i remember having that and it lasted all day. it will ease up just take some tylenol if it gets too bad.

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Upper Abdominal Pain Spotting

Is this normal to have this symptoms?

Ok so Im in my upper teens. And I have been put on birth control about a month ago. I have sex most of the time protected. But in the last couple weeks I have been having cramps, abdominal pain, tiredness, my breast are sore and seem swollen, nausa and times where I feel like im going to throw up but dont. Now I’m getting I guess what people call “brown spotting”. Im scared that i might be pregnant or Im just getting my period with weird side effects. Im not late I should get it next week. Is this normal or am I might be preg

It can take some people three months to adjust to the change in hormones caused by the bc pills. The side effects will go away in a couple of months. If they don’t, you should talk to your doctor about changing to a different brand. The spotting you are having is break through bleeding, which some people also experience especially if you don’t start the pills during your period. You are probably not pregnant if taking one pill every day and using condoms. You regular period should start on the 3-4 sugar pill if your brand have 7 of them. Give them some time and you should feel better.

best wishes..

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