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Upper Abdominal Pain Spasms

What could cause upper right abdominal pain pressure and pain?

I am a 26 year old female who normally weighs 130 pounds (125-135 depending on my activity level and time of the month) who is experiencing tremendous pressure to my upper right abdomen. After 5 days of abnormal pressure I went to the ER. They did a sonogram of my upper digestive tract and an EKG to make sure my heart was healthy. Nothing came back as abnormal. As per the ER doctor, I followed up with my GP, who feels confident that the pain I am experiencing is coming from the outside of my body. I have done nothing out of the ordinary or strenuous to cause a muscle spasm, but I know from how I usually feel that something isn’t right. After a few days on opiate pain killers I have been taking muscle relaxers. These do nothing for me but make me go to sleep. I know that sonograms and medical advice usually point you in the right direction, but I know my body and feel like something is wrong. Any idea on what could be causing this severe pain and pressure?

Parasite? some sort of skin problem may be there. It also may be nothing. I’ve experience continual random pains for no reason. Maybe your not eating enough thus causing pain in your abdominal area. But im just assuming these things. I have no idea but i hoped i helped you a little.

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Severe Abdominal Pain Spasms

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Lower Abdominal Pain Spasms

Please Help, any onw have an answer or experiance low abdominal pain in pregnancy?

i am only 6 weeks gone and am suffering what feels like strong bowel spasms, i had very similar pain on my first child 5 years ago which started before i was even due my period and was in hospital due to the pain. the spasms are very strong but after taking a nap for a while they seem to have eased but now i have a dull ache in my lower stomach which is worse when i walk or cough, is this just my ligaments streching, how concerned should i be, and i would love to hear from anyone else that has experianced it

I am currently 9 weeks and been going through the same thing for the last 5 weeks on and off. I was told it was my uterus and pelvis making room for the baby to grow. I have a pretty sharp pain in my lower right side that is probably ligament pain. As long as there is no blood, I have been told not to worry….Check with your doctor if it get’s to unbearable.

Best of Luck!
Pregnant for the 1st time at age 39!!!

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Stomach Pain Muscle Spasms

5 months along (pregnant derr) and having stomach pains?

I am in the middle of my second trimester, and have been having muscle spasms and abdomanal pain for about a month. Unfortunitaly I have not been able to get any insurrance so I can get back to the doctor :( The pains started about a month ago, this is my second child and I don’t think that is is from the muscels streaching but I also don’t know if I am having twins for sure or not. This pregnancey has been the compleat opposite from my first, everything negative from a pregnancey has happened this time around. When I was preggo with my son I didn’t even know untill I was 3 months along, this time I knew when I was 4 weeks.
Anyways back to the pain, every time I am up moving around for morre then 30 min I hurt to the point that it almost makes me cry(I’m no wimp), any type of stress make me have pains in my abdamon. I am even having problems breathing in deeply. I do not know what is the problem and am getting worried, but refuse to tell my husband cause this is his first child.

I think that by it being an ongoing pain that you should go to the e.r At least be on the safe side. It might not be anything but then again it might be something.

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