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Abdominal Pain Muscles

Chair Massage and Abdominal Massage Can Help Relieve Digestive Disorders

It is estimated that 25% of Americans suffer from a digestive disorder, such as Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation and other conditions that affect digestion and elimination.  Although many factors play a role in developing digestive disorders, one common element is stress.  Massage therapy – mainly in the form of chair massage or abdominal massage – is proven to effectively reduce stress and can also mitigate symptoms connected to digestive disorders.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a condition that can cause recurrent diarrhea, painful constipation or both. Research into the cause of IBS highlights the effect that stress and muscle tension have on hindering the proper function of the organs that control digestion and elimination. The exact relationship between stress and gastrointestinal function is the subject of ongoing research, but many patients with digestive disorders such as IBS report stress as the main trigger for their symptoms.

Massage provides immediate results in terms of stress and anxiety reduction.  This is beneficial for those who suffer from stress related digestive disorders and can also help to keep symptoms from such conditions from becoming worse.  Although an abdominal massage is contraindicated during flare-ups of IBS and Crohn’s Disease, a massage focusing on the head, neck, shoulders and back, such as chair massage, is a valuable tool in relieving tension and pain.  Chair massage can be performed in the client’s preferred setting, in a session lasting an average of fifteen minutes.  A chair massage is an affordable option for those who would like to experience its stress relieving benefits several times a week.

Poor diet choices are also culprits in digestive disorders.  Improper mixing of protein and starches can cause the digestive process to become labored and inefficient, leading to abdominal pain and discomfort.  An abdominal massage prompts the release of hormones responsible for processing food.  Abdominal massage also helps to carry the processed material through the stomach, intestines and colon.   

Effective mitigation of stress is paramount for those who suffer from digestive disorders.  Although there may be other root causes, stress is the most common trigger for the unpleasant symptoms associated with these conditions.  Adding regular chair massage or abdominal massage to a conventional treatment plan is an affordable and proven method to alleviate anxiety and stress.

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Brandon Thomas is a nationally certified massage therapist and founder
of JoyLife Therapeutics. JoyLife Therapeutics provides chair massage,
corporate massage, office massage, special event and trade show massage
throught the US.

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Stomach Pain Muscles

Stomach Pain Gas – Lose Fat Gain Muscle – Quick Diet

Stomach Pain Gas

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Stomach Pain Pulled Muscle

How long does it take for a pulled muscle to become ,well unpulled?

Pulled a stomach muscle on Tuesday and still hurts, forgot to stretch which I should’ve done and I pulled this muscle doing sit up on a slanted board. How long before it stops hurting anything to make the muscle pain go quicker?

hot baths, massage the muscle, REST

it should be okay wihin a week

next time make sure you warm up properly and maybe adjust the intensity of your workout


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Right Abdominal Pain Pulled Muscle

abdominal muscle strain?

I am 17 weeks along and definitely showing and during one of my nocturnal wake ups for a run to the bathroom I found myself asleep on my stomach. When I went to turn over so I could get out of bed I felt a really bad pulling sensation on the left side of my stomach right below my ribs. Now I know its not my uterus causing the pain because its not even above the height of my bellybutton yet. The spot where I felt the pulling sensation has been sore since then. It feels almost like a muscle strain, that’s why I think it is a muscle strain. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I ask because I never had this happen with my first pregnancy and it just seems odd to me that I even managed to do it. Usually when I get a muscle strain on my abdomen it is from doing sit ups, but then again I guess I did TRY and use them when I was rolling over last night.

I don’t know how much you’re showing but sleeping on your stomach at 17 weeks won’t harm the baby. During the 1st trimester is the last time you will be able to sleep on your stomach or back and be comfortable with risks. The pain you felt when turning over could possibly come from round ligament pains. I’ve had those pains alot while turning over because I toss around when I sleep. It’s possible that you’ve pulled a muscle but I doubt it. Try not to use your ab muscles too much when rolling over. ;)

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By admin on August 9, 2010 | Most Popular
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Upper Abdominal Pain Muscles

Do I have strep throat? Mono maybe? I don’t know!?

Hey everybody, I’ve been looking up symptoms to strep throat and mono but I dont seem to have all the symptoms to either one! Like, I have some of the symptoms for Strep but I also have some for Mono. Here are my symptoms (hope somebody can help me):

-Joint pain
-Swollen tonsils with white patches
-Fever (about 101-103)
-I had something like a rash, but it didn’t itch. They were pin-sized red dots on my neck and then went to my arms. They come and go.
-Lack of hunger
-Some abdominal pain (more like my upper stomach)
-Muscle pain
-All over sick feeling
-Trouble swallowing
-It kinda hurts when I open my mouth too wide

So what could it be? Strep says that in addition to what I have I should be vomitting and Mono says I should have extreme fatigue which I don’t.

Thanks in advance!

Btw, I will be going to the Doctors on Monday.

Your having some symptoms of tonsillitis which can eventually, if not yet, result into strep throat. The symptoms I see there related to tonsillitis are:
Swollen tonsils with white patches
Trouble swallowing
Hurts when you open your mouth

I am not sure what you mean when you say you “had something like a rash …. pin-sized red dots” if these are very small bumps or just red dots. If they are just pin-sized red dots, that would be your capillary hemorrhaging as a result of low collagen which is responsible for the production of connective tissues. Vitamin C is what is responsible for the production of collagen. Other symptoms that would be associated with that among what you mention are muscular pain, joint pain, (in your earlier posting you mentioned bone pain). Vitamin C deficiency also makes you susceptible to viral infection, of which tonsillitis is one.

Your “lack of hunger” though: I’m not sure. Usually when one develop a craving, it is the bodies way of telling you that there is a deficiency. Usually as soon as the deficiency is filled the craving goes away. I cannot say if this happens in all cases.

As regards the abdominal pain: when considering the others, I’m not sure, unless you’re leaving out some of your symptoms. Apart from very serious digestive problems, such as ulcers, and possibly cancer, the only other reasons for abdominal pains that I can think of right now, are parasite infestation, or gassy system.

In any case it is very clear that your immune system is weak, and you really need to boost it with some anti-oxidants, including vitamin C. And also you also need your doctors opinion – and I’d say, make it urgent.

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