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liver damage

Stomach Pain Liver Damage

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Are proton pump inhibitors over-prescribed? According to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, there is a growing consensus that some people are taking the heartburn drugs needlessly, or far longer than necessary. Such overuse could be putting them at at risk for serious side effects, including fractures. Proton pump inhibitors, available by prescription and […]

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Abdominal Pain Liver Damage

what are the chances of me having any form of liver damage?

6months ago id had enough and decided to overdose, took 2packs of anadin extra(half painkillers half aspirin) some sleepin pills and half a bottle of vodka, then i fel asleep n when i woke i had extremely painfull cramps all over my abdominal area, headache, eye ache and i was puking up black blood. anyway i was taken to hospital and i lied about overdosin, just said i took 8 aspirin and a few drinks of vodka, but then my bf went home to get me some overnight stuff and found the note i hid in my pillow. anyways he told the nurse and the nurse paid me a visit, said im more than likely to have liver damage, and that was the last i heard of that, i was in for 4 days on a drip that i was allergic to, told them about stomach pains so they gave me ******* gaviscon. had to see a half arsed psychiatrist, cudve been some randomer they pulled off the streets for all the effort he put into it, and then i was told i cud go home. was wonderin how i would go about finding if if i have liver damage?

Don’t freak out – the liver is incredibly resilient & can regenerate itself over a period of time. Also people have different tolerance levels to abuse so the general terms in which the press or even knowledgeable medical professionals speak do not apply to everyone equally.

You can get it checked by going to your doctor & getting blood tests done specifically for liver damage. If the tests show you have a problem the Dr will advise you on how to give your liver a chance to recuperate – my guess would be they will tell you no alcohol/fatty foods for a while & they will have you back in for testing to see how things are going.

Sorry you got such a lame psychiatrist – hope your situation has improved & everything works out ok.


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