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Stomach Pain Kidney Pain

sudden sore glands, lower back pain,(kidney pain)

i have had pain in my sides since friday now, which gets worse then better, but never seems to trouble me much in the mornings so i dont get my mum to make a doctors appointment
within the past hour i have suddenly got a really stiff lower jaw and it feels that my glands around there are swollen, my throat isnt really sore..
and i know that glands come up when your fighting an infection..
soo is this linked to the pain in my stomach?
please help
i cant drink properly and it hurts to talk

It sounds as if you have an infection, you must see a doctor.

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Lower Left Stomach Pain Kidney

Is it normal to have pain on the lower left side during pregnancy?

I know I do not have an ectopic pregnancy, but today all day when I go tto the bathroom and push to have a bowel movement, I feel a pain on the left lower side of my stomach that leads into my back where my kidney is. I don’t know if it may be because I have gas, or because something is wrong with my pregnancy??? Please help??? Is it normal???

Not sure hun, I would be ring my midwife or GP and asking them, i would say maybe u have pulled a muscle or alittle bounded up(unless u are going ok) but seeing its going through to ur back i would just make a call and see what the docs have to say. There are plenty of pregnancy help lines that u can ring and speak to a online midwife that can give u some suggestions. Good luck.

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Right Sided Abdominal Pain Kidney

Consequences of Kidney Infections during pregnancy

Kidney infections occur when bladder infection is left untreated. The bacterium present in the bladder multiplies inside the vicinity and advances towards the kidneys. It clings to the bean shaped kidneys and effects its functioning. This hampers the ability of kidney to convert liquid waste from bloodstreams into urine.

The symptoms of urinary tract infection can get worse, if you avoid them. The situation starts with painful urine secretion, fever, abdominal pain, fatigue, blood in urine etc. If the symptoms are neglected, then it can lead to kidney scarring or damage. At times, the kidney shuts down and needs to be replaced with a new one. Few patients are also kept on dialysis machine so that they can support life.

These infections are mainly found among women. Pregnant women are at higher risk due to hormonal and physical changes. As the fetus grows, it starts taking the space of urinary organs. Hence, the bladder fails to contract completely. This leads to backlogs of urine in the bladder and facilitates growth of bacterial microbes.

The sterile urine gets contaminated and provides right atmosphere for bacterial growth. E-coli is the prime culprit behind kidney infections. This situation can also lead to premature delivery. The baby can also suffer from development delays, lesser weight or other complication. In some cases, women also suffer from kidney damage after pregnancy.

Hence, you need to care of yourself because it’s not only about you; it’s about the young one living in your womb. So, ensure that you consult a gynecologist and ask her to recommend medications against the Kidney Infection. Ask her to analysis your status before subscribing a medical treatment. You can also drink excess water to flush bacterium from the kidneys.

So, take special care of yourself, especially when you are suffering from kidney infections during pregnancy.

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Abdominal Pain Kidney Disease

cysts on kidneys, what are the causes? what if any are the remidies?

My aunts 4 year old daughter has cysts on her kidneys which cause blood in her urine and extreme abdominal pains. What would cause this? I checked it out through a search engine and came up with “polycystsic kidney disease” I printed out what i found and took it to my aunt as she requested. Apon reading it she found that “PKD” is un-treatable and in-curable, I am hoping that there is some other explanation to it, because after reading it she couldn’t hold back her tears, and me being the one to bring her this info, I felt reponsible… is there anything else?

Your aunt should call the doctor’s office and speak with the nurse; she should explain to the nurse that she does not understand the diagnosis and what special care, if any should the child have.

This is an example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

No four-year old child should consume 4 liters of water a day!

Speak with the people who made the diagnosis.

If a second opinion is considered, a urologist or a pediatric urologist, or a pediatric nephrologist would have the most information to give regarding the diagnosis.

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Abdominal Pain Kidney Infection

Lemonade can help prevent kidney stones
( — We’ve all heard the expression, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Passing a kidney stone would qualify for one of life’s “lemons,” but did you know that drinking lemonade has been shown to prevent them?

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