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Stomach Pain Ginger

Severe stomach pains leading to black stools….?

Yesterday morning I woke up and my stomach was hurting, slightly. I drank some pink fluid(pepto, i think), and shrugged it off. Towards three o’clock it started to worsen, and by five I called my job and said I couldn’t come in. By six I was on my bed, squirming in pain. An occasional sip of ginger ale and pepto wasn’t enough, By seven I was practically in tears. Then, around eight it the pain started to die away, but didn’t disappear. I fell asleep in agony(I’m not sure how i fell asleep in that condition.)
Note: I couldn’t go to the bathroom.

Now here I am the next day, 11’00 with the pain barley noticeable. A few minutes ago My body finally decided to let me go and my stools were black. That’s what really worried me. Internal bleeding? Do I HAVE to go the doctor? I really rather not…

But thank you in advanced!

Read the label on the Pepto.

Pepto Bismol causes temporary darkening of the stool.

Should the black stools persist, you need to see a doctor.

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Stomach Pain Ginger Ale

Stomach Flu. Cannot keep down any food?

My Mom and I are both sick with a stomach flu/virus. I have thrown up three times today and the only thing I’ve consumed is ginger ale, water and crackers. I’m hungry but I am REALLY scared that I’m going to throw up again.

Is there anything that I might be able to keep down? Or should I continue to not eat and wait until my stomach feels better? Because whenever I throw up, i feel worse. As long as I don’t eat, I am only somewhat in pain.

Usually doctors recommend the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast (or crackers). You might try some chicken noodle soup–take small bites and chew slowly.

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