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Stomach Pain Flu Symptoms

What are the immediate symptoms of a stomach flu?

I woke up this morning with huge muscle pain around my stomach and I had a really hard time walking, sitting and even breathing a little..it’s been a couple of hours since it started and I don’t know if it’s a stomach flu since I never had one..

I am also emetophob so I really hope it is not a stomach flu..:(

“What are the immediate symptoms of a stomach flu?” — None. Flu is a respiratory infection.

The most common GI ailment is viral gastroenteritis. The main symptoms are vomiting & watery diarrhea. There can also be a headache, abdominal cramps and pain (not in the stomach, in the abdomen) and fever. Pain can make one reluctant to breathe deeply but it doesn’t actually restrict breathing.

“I don’t know if it’s a stomach flu since I never had one..” — And you never will have one.

“I am also emetophob so I really hope it is not a stomach flu..:(” — An emetophobe is one with an intense and irrational fear of and anxiety related to vomiting. An intense dislike of vomiting isn’t the same thing. This term is used too freely. But at least you don’t have to worry about having “stomach flu”.

If all you have is abdominal pain, it’s likely not gastroenteritis. What makes you believe the pain is muscular? Is your abdomen tender when you touch it? Give your doctor a call and find out if you need to be seen. There’s no way you can be diagnosed online and you need to be examined.

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Stomach Pain Flu Like Symptoms

Stomach Pains with the flu?

I’ve had “flu like symptoms” for about 4 days now, headache, muscle cramps, high fever, nausea, diarrhea. I also have these pains in my upper and left and right sides of my stomach, it feels as if someone is punching the inside of my stomach, i was just wondering if this is normal or if i should go to the doctor.

probably just part of the flu if it doesn’t get better in a few days see a doctor.

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Abdominal Pain Flu Shot

Arsenic Poisoning Through Water

Arsenic consumption is high in many of items used in daily life such as food items, tobacco, laundry detergent, seafood and even drinking water. The substance used for killing rats and mice and can kill any living being. Arsenic causes convulsions, sleepiness, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, kidney problems.  Arsenic poisoning is the intentional or unintentional polluting of products not protected properly or liquid such as water containing overdose of arsenic.

Exposure to high level of arsenic is the cause of many cancers such as skin cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer and cancer in the lymphatic system. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include headaches, confusion and drowsiness. The body organs affected most by the arsenic poisoning includes lung, skin, kidneys and liver and the result of high level arsenic poisoning is coma or even death.

People working with pesticide and agricultural chemicals and doing hazardous jobs like mining and copper smelting have the highest danger of infected with arsenic contamination in their body. The arsenic contamination determined by its presence in the hair follicles and later deposited in the skin and fingernails as well.

Arsenic put to use for various purposes and for producing certain products such as

Making of insecticides and pesticides
Used in animal food
Gallium arsenide, used to make integrated circuits to convert electricity to light
Used widely in making lead alloys for shots and bullets
Arsenic is used to make fittings for plumbing.

Arsenic is the most powerful poison, leads to multiple organ failure that leads to death. Elemental arsenic often termed, as “toxic substances” is dangerous for the environment as well. Arsenic causes arsenicosis due to intake of arsenic contaminated drinking water. Arsenic found in underground water is natural in origin and released from soil depending upon the condition of the surface. Low exposure to arsenic infected drinking water also causes H1N1 flu. People exposed to such drinking water have more increased risk of illness or death due to the virus infection.

Abdominal pains start to develop in the early stages of arsenic infection but if not treated on time, then the deadly substance start interfering with the natural functioning of the body leading to organ failure and finally death. Large amount of arsenic can cause poisoning of the body and death. The heart and the nervous system are the worst affected organs by arsenic accumulation in the body. The survivors suffer from pigment spots in the skin and damage the red blood cells causing cancer of skin, lung, liver and brain. Long-term exposure to arsenic contaminated drinking water causes pigment thickening on skin and cancer leading to death. The blood vessels in the leg become numb and cause irritation.

The areas worst affected by the arsenic contaminated water consist of West Bengal in India, Bangladesh and Taiwan. The people living in these areas consume water infected with more than 5 times the amount of arsenic in it and suffer from skin cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and die a painful death.

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Jaceline Peirrera is an executive for DynGlobal a leading global provider of water purifiers and water treatment plants. DynGlobal is committed to helping provide clean, safe drinking water and renewable energy solutions to those on our planet facing environmental challenges and disaster response.

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Abdominal Pain Swine Flu

Do I have Swine Flu or Parasites?

I recently went to Mexico, specifically I went on July 18 and came back the 25th. Yesterday I started to get a fever. That fever carried over to today. Now I have minor abdominal pains and diahrrea. Do I have swine flu or parasites. I did go swimming in a famous swamp in mexico. I did get many mosquito bites and some were bleeding. I believe that it may be parasites that got in through the open mosquito bites.

You NEED to go see a doc, this is too severe to ignore. I personally can not tell you which of the two it is but you really need to go see a doctor before your symptoms worsen, I wish you the best of luck :]

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