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Abdominal Pain Swelling Gas

IBS related cramp in stomach?

For the last week I’ve had symptoms related to Irritable bowel syndrome, which were constipation, bloating, gas, fatigue, and abdominal pain. I was only recently able to get two BM’s a day, so that the waste wouldn;t stay in me for too long.

One thing I’ve noticed since yesterday was this pinching sensation on the left side of my stomach, which was swelling pink, but I put holy water on it so it’s no longer pink, but it still pinches.

Is this pinch some form of infectious bacteria that isolated itself there from the lack of BM’s from the constipation and is spreading?

and Should I be concerned?

i would not htink that that is a bacterial growth, as much as watse trapped in the bowel. Like always you should go to the doctor but if the pain becomes too bad go to the emergency room.

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Stomach Pain And Belching

cymbalta – anxiety / stomach problems?

I have been on Cymbalta along with klonopin (as needed) for a good 4-5 months now. I love how it has taken my anxiety away. But I have been experiancing belching/ indigestion / mild stomach pain/ stomach gurgling for about the last 3 months. I have gotten an abodomen ultra sound and a fluorscopy looking at my digestive track. Everything was fine. I am trying to figure out if this coud be do to Cymbalta?? My phych said this was caused by my anxiety and has actually upped my dose to 60 mg. This was done about a week ago. I have not seen any of the symptoms fade yet. Anyone else have this??? The constant bubbles in my chest are quite annoying!

I had HORRIBLE stomach pain when I was taking Cymalta. The pain even lasted for over a week after I stopped taking the meds. But, if the pain didn’t start right after you started one of the meds then that might not be the cause of your pains. Have you tried taking anything to relieve your bubbles? If not, mention it to your primary doctor and see what they think.

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Stomach Pain Bloating Gas Belching

do i have an appendicitis?? i cant tell….?

i have no fever, i can pas gas, and i can also belch.

however this morning, i have had a slight pain in my stomach and have had no appetite the whole day.

and within the last 4 hours it feels as if i have BAD indigestion and i also have a bloated like heavy pressure on my right side near my hip belw my belly button. i also have what feel like a stomach ache due to gas in the middle of my abdomen.

is this a bad case of gas or an appendicitis??

sounds like gas. a hot appy (appendicitis) is more in your right upper abdomen, it would hurt more when you let go than when you press it, and you would (should) have a fever.

of course as always, don’t take the advice from yahoo answers as medical advise. always see your doctor if you are concerned.

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Stomach Pain Bloating Belching

please help me and my mom?

i am trying to figure out what my mom has. she does not feel well on a regular basis. please see if you know what she has by looking at her symptoms
abdominal pain
her stomach is always bloated to the point where it looks like she is fat
please help me, anyone

It sounds like she has gas.
One possible answer is food allergies. I have seen these symptoms in people who are lactose intolerant and someone who is allergic to turkey and some beans can cause this.
Why don’t you recommend she go visit her doctor to find out more?

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Stomach Pain Belching Gas

Stomach bug or something worse?

For the last week I have been having stomach pain a lot with some diarrhea and both gas and belching. The stomach pain starts off it seems around my sternum and mostly occurs there before I eat. After I eat I have the pain more in the lower abdomen. Veery little nausea, and no vomiting. Maalox has really done nothing, and it doesn’t seemto be tied to anything I eat. My dad died from colon cancer 2 years ago, and this is some of what he went through, so of course I’m freaking out. What could this be?

It sounds like you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I myself suffer from that and when I’m having pain I can hardly eat. However it effects everyone differently. Since your father died from colon cancer, you really need to get yourself to a doctor and get checked out. My guess though is IBS.

Good luck and God Bless!

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