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Stomach Pain Breathing

How do you know if your stomach pain is bad enough that you need to go the doctor?

My stomach has done this before it usually last about a day and then goes away but it keeps coming back, by the time I get to the doctor its gone so they tell me nothing is wrong, everytime I breathe in to deep my lower stomach feels like someone is grabbing it and twisting! Everyone keeps saying It will go away, but should I keep trying to go to the doctor? I’m afriad if I keep letting it go and it keeps coming back that something is wrong?

I wouldn’t rush to the doctor but mabye I would have a GI workup and mabye a pelvic ultrasound ( if you are a woman) . Just to rule out some common problems. You could have a ovarain cyst, IBS or something of that nature. I wouldn’t be worried about it unless you have a fever or other worrysome symptoms. I would look into what is causing your intermittent pain episodes.

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Lower Abdominal Pain Breathing

Lower right abdominal pain and back pain!?

I am a 21 year old female and Last night I started to have a dull aching pain in my lower right abdomen and I went to sleep. It kept me up at night and continues to hurt today. It hurts alot when I move and breathe and is hard to stand up straight. I have had ovarian cysts on the right side before but im not sure if thats what it is. How long should I wait before getting it checked out by a doctor?

There are several possibilities.
1. An ovarian cyst (like you said)
2. Appendicitis
3. Kidney stones

I’d make an appointment as soon as possible, before the symptoms become worse, or the problem becomes more difficult to treat.
Always remember…your body isn’t supposed to hurt. When it does, it’s trying to tell you that something is WRONG!!

Best of luck!

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Abdominal Breathing Pain Relief

Breathe correctly WITHOUT obsessive focus on breath?

I’ve practiced pranayama though I was not ready for it and I didn’t clear my mind completely doing it (amateur instructor). This autumn I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and spasmophilia – chest pain, breathing problems though I don’t have asthma. I suspect my medical problems have something to do with forcing my body with pranayama when I was not ready for it. I used to breathe alternatively through my left and right nostril, holding after inhaling/ exhaling. I stopped it in October but I still have the symptoms.Today I read about abdominal breathing on a medical site and I tried it, but after a sensation of relief in my chest, the pressure came back stronger together with a burning sensation.
Also, it seems that I am obsessively checking my breath all the time, which is extremely stressful.Should I continue abdominal breathing a few minutes a day and try not to focus on my breath the rest of the time?Or should I just let my body recover by itself, with good rest and long walks?

start taking some Licorice and see if that improves your breathing.

two-two has spoken

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Stomach Pain Trouble Breathing

HELP!!! PLEASE!! Constantly dizzy for 4 days, swelling/stinging tongue, acid reflex, etc?

I have no idea what is going on! I am CONSTANTLY dizzy from the time I wake up, to the time I sleep- it doesn’t end, and has been going on for almost 5 days! Off and on my heart hurts a lot, I get headaches, acid reflex, stomach pains, trouble breathing as if having an anxiety attack, and rarely everything stops in my mind for a few seconds and I feel like I’m not even alive! Now, my tongue is stinging and swelling when I eat or drink! What the hell is going on?! PLEASE HELP!
(P.S. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, and was on medications for anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, and mood swings. I have been off of the medications for two weeks now, secretly, and the only time those bad symptoms I just begun having that are constant go away for a period of time is when I’m with my boyfriend.)
I am a sixteen year old female, and I really need some help! My parents couldn’t get in contact with my doctor!

In addition to anxiety, you could be going through withdrawl from your prescription medications. This is not good. Your blood pressure could be sky high. Please go to the doctor, nurse, or clinic and tell her/him the truth. Hydrate with plain water, and do not restart the medications without a doctor.

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Stomach Pain Difficulty Breathing

i had severe pain starting in my stomach then it went up under my ribs…?

and i had difficulty breathing with vomiting and it lasted for 45 min?
i need to know what it could possibly be sometimes it’s there for a min and it goes away and a few weeks i had to go into the ER but it only lasted about 5 min.

Sounds like you got poisoning of some sort. It’s not unusual because if you ate something spoiled or tainted, your body’s natural response is to throw up and remove the substance from your body.

The important thing now is that you’re better and are feeling better, so don’t think about what you ate.

Though, if the pain you felt was on the left side, it’s something you ate, If it was on your right side, it could be something more serious like an intestinal infection.

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