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bowel movements

Abdominal Pain Bowel Movements

What is causing my lower abdominal pain?

For almost a week now I have been experiencing a somewhat frequent, piercing pain in my lower abdomen. Usually happens every hour or so, and builds up from dull to painful in a few seconds, then disappears entirely. When I say lower abdomen I do mean very low, near the groin. No problems urinating or having bowel movements. It is a very strange pain, anyone know?

it could be pcos(polycystic ovarian syndrome) google it…here’s a good forum

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Stomach Pain Green Bowel Movements

what could this be? illness during pregnancy or just pregnancy? serious answers please?

I AM pregnant, just about 17 weeks. I had some awful virus which lasted from last friday until Tuesday, The virus just gave me a headache, minimal diarrhea, and constant nausea with no vomiting. Yesterday I felt much better, and had mince meat pastrys (like mini sausage rolls but with mince meat and some vegetables).

Last night, about 9 hours after eating my meal, I woke up with awful nausea and stomach pain, and today I am back to feeling nauseas and have stomach cramps. and I know (this is TMI) but had a solid, yet uncomfortable green-ish bowel movement, but i am on iron supplements.

Is it just that my stomach was not ready for that amount of food, could it have been the meat wasn’t cooked properly, or another unfortunate bug?

i think u need to call ur doctor or go and see her.. most of the time when there iz something wrong with the baby u get sickk too..
so make sure u get ur self checked out..

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Abdominal Pain Irregular Bowel Movements

SEVERE stomach pain/bloating?

For the past 2 years, I have been experiencing bad abdominal pain and ridiculous distention (resembling that of a a pregnant woman) I actually have to sleep with something hard against my abdomen to push out the gas.

I tried a lactose free diet and it seemed to help, but not so much. I might have a problem with eggs, but I’m not sure.

Did an endoscopy. Nothing abnormal. Prior to that, they put me on treatment for H.Pylori, but the doctor couldn’t find evidence of the infection. I was treated for ulcers (twice), but it’s not certain if i actually had one.
I can’t drink some cold drinks or the pain and distention will be so bad that i literally won’t be able to walk upright. The pain is usually around the lower abdomen and can sometimes feels like air is trapped in a small space (like my appendix). It happen when i eat too much, or don’t eat enough. Bowel movements are irregular (this started recently)

I have a healthy appetite and body weight.

What could this be?

Darlene is right. It sounds like Celiac Disease (or Celiac Sprue as it is commonly called outside America). They did an endoscopy but if they werent looking for Celiac, they wouldnt find it. You need a GI with experience in it.
There are blood tests also you can take, your doc can order. You need to be eating gluten for the test to be accurate. Go to and highlight “Celiac Disease” in the blue info bar and click on Diagnosis. It will tell you all the things u need to know. Also, has a forbidden foods list. Go to site and search “forbidden foods”, it will tell you which foods are safe and not safe. (Some soy sauces are gluten free like San-J Tamari soy sauce. I have never heard of canola oil not being gluten free. I dont use it though.) According to canola oil is safe, except for perhaps a highly select sensitive few Celiacs.

The soft drinks can be damaging bc your gastro isnt right due to damage from gluten. If u are Celiac and u go gluten free (after diagnosis) then you can probably add back sodas to your diet (althuogh they obviously ahve no health benefits!) from time to time.

I guess I should explain what gluten is? :) Gluten is a naturally occuring protein in wheat, rye and barley. It is not harmful except to those with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance (two different things) or an actual allergy. Celiac (CD) is a highly genetic autoimmune disease, meaning if you test positive, all first and second degree relatives shoudl be tested also, including any children. 97% of ppl with CD have the genes for it, so if you and your spouse have the genes, chances are high the children will carry the gene and possibly haev CD triggered on day. (CD must be triggered somehow, by infection, stress, pregnancy, surgery, etc.)
Please feel free to email me for any additional info.

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