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3 cynical test..hmmmmm?
I missed my period and a few days after I missed it I took a HPT and it was negative. A few days next I took another and a week after that I took one more and they were both negative. I own been on the pill for years and take it every morning. I havent been sexually…

3 days behind. could i be pregnant?
Chances are always 50 – 50 when you have sex without protection. Do an pregnancy examination and do it quickly because time is very important surrounded by this situation as a month has been passed. Of course you could be. Any time you have unprotected sex you can be pregnant. If you’re already 3 days late,…

3 kids and in recent times found out there’s another on the path…?
Of course that is a very personal choice you must make, but you can also consider other option such as putting the child up for adoption. I’m not against abortion, but I know it can be very stressful and emotionally tormenting for the mother to go through, especially if you’re already…

3 months along, capricious tiny cramp contained by right side of stomach, any model why?
I’m 3 months pregnant, and I randomly get little pains in the right side of my stomach. Like a partly of an inch to the right of my belly button. I’m guessing it’s normal but I’m jw if anyone knows why it actually happen? Anything will help, thanks. im…

3 months post-partum – Maybe . . pregnany . . ]=?
Just had a baby March 17th – He is 3 months and like 2 weeks old-fashioned – This month I’ve had 2 periods and for the last week or so own had like bloating, nausea, gas, constipation, back-ache, cramps – like pregnancy symptoms I do NOT THINK I could be pregnant -…

30 weeks and suffereing from a tad bit of anxiety.. any lend a hand?
Well for the last month i have been going to analysis and group therapy for anxiety! and getting MUCH better! but im still hung up on getting a blood clot. i just want to know, if i did get one would i know? does it consistency worse than just a cramp?…

30 wks, fundamentally busy boy, cant gain comfortable?
just try your hardest to find a way your comfortbale. Maybe if you get someone to rug you and dispense you a massage. I’m 38 weeks today and i have been so mortified! Good luck girl! i am going thur the same thing i am 37w 4d Source(s): 37w4d

31 weeks pregnant. How do I sleep comfortably?
So Ive tried flipping my mattress, Ive tried switching sides of the bed, rotating sides. Ive tried a body pillow. I cant sleep on my back, never could. I have to sleep on my side but its soooo hard to next to a belly in the way. Also I have be having Left leg pain right in…

33 weeks pregnant surrounded by so much cramp?
I am 33 weeks pregnant and for the last week and a 1/2 I have been suffering from headache in my pelvic area. It started as just lower tailbone headache that my husband could massage away but it progressed into what I feel now. My upper thighs and pelvic nouns hurts to walk, stand, lay or…


34weeks and not idea similar to making love at adjectives?
dnt do it den Different people feel different ways about different things. Sometimes I want to be touched,cuddled & loved but other times I don’t. Source(s): By the means of access i’m not pregnant. with my first i didn’t mind and was upset that my husband was a bit past its sell-by date the…

35 weeks and 3days pregnant my antenna is the size of a clown antenna my ankles look and foot look approaching elephant?
feet and my lips are hugh! i know my feet, ankels, and chops will eventually go down but will my nose? its freaking HUGH ITS SCARYYY I don’t believe you =D~!! But put ice on your proboscis for a very…

36 and only found out im pregnant.Please serve!?
the plan B morning after pill didn’t work I don`t know you were pregnant already. I vote first guy. But it could be either Tell both you’re pregnant. When the child is born get a paternity test done. That will tell you whose it is. well both need to know. don’t take…

36 and pregnant minister to!?
36 and just found out im pregnant.Please help!? I saw my ex 6 weeks ago and we had sex. we be drunk. I had my periods at the time. Then a week later I met up near a male friend and we had sex. I got the morning after pill after this , but today I hold found out im…

36 weeks 4 days and tired?
I went to the doctor yesterday to find out im under 1cm dilated. I would have expected to at most minuscule be close to 2cm or something, I have been experiencing a lot of cramping from stomach to the lower put a bet on and my baby has dropped. This pregnancy has be the toughest of them all I…

36 weeks pregnant and surrounded by alot of backache?
the last couple of weeks i have not been competent to move very much due to my hips are in so much pain, getting within and out of the shower is even so painful i want to cry!ive tryed heating pads, massage, everything nothing is working, i can barly sit, lay down, standing seems to work,…

37 weeks pregnant and invited for a duty interview?
I would tell them. You dont want to come off as a liar since you even start the job. I feel your frustration! I was 40 weeks and 1 sunshine overdue when i finally got the call to enroll in a training programme to be a nurse. The interview be 2 days away…

38 1/2 weeks, please sustain me! have need of opinion.?
So I have been to the dr on monday for my regualr prenatal, tuesday night go to labor & delivery because I was having extreme backbone pain, friday asap apptt for my back pain and be perscribed Vicodin, and then again Saturday becuase of severe rib pain! I have another prenatal appt on monday and…

38 wks 3 days pregnant! In so much spasm PLease assist what could this be?
ok well here i am still pregnant lol my hicks are more painful everyday as usuall but i have notice after i go pee literally still on the toilet i wipe and there is mucus every time i wipe! i know this is tmi but its kinda like snot yellowish…

39 weeks near cramps and no contractions…?
Nurse said I was lucky this is back labor. they told me at each contraction. I scarcely felt until last hour nine lb boy! Source(s): self experience. The “cramps” could very powerfully be contractions. I never lost my mucous plug at home and the doctors had to break my water.

39 weeks pregnant, lost mucus plug weeks ago, have show yesterday getting little tightenings?
last appointment got told i was 1cm dilated and my cervix be very soft, midwife said ide go contained by within the next 48 hours and that was over a week ago! so i don’t know if anything is going to evolve. the show means that labor is on…

4th tot? what do you estimate ?
hi myself and my husband have 3 beautiful children,i would really like to own another child but my husband thinks that time and attention wise it is not fair on our children,where on earth as i believe that it is such a good thing in natural life to have many siblings when they are young and when they…

5 months pregnant, father within regulation and husband want me to achieve a assignment?
my FIL and my husband have been stressing me out about getting a employment. i have tried but no one will hire me, they can see that im pregnant. no one requirements to hire a pregnant woman. and really there is no reason for me to get a living, we are…

6.5months ancient and immensely straight arm?
My daughter is 6 and a half months old and for a while now I hold noticed she keeps her right arm poker straight during the day. Its not adjectives the time but pretty reguarly… She does use both arms and hands equally but its defiantely something Ive noticed. Can anyone give me any information or put my mind…

7 months pregnant next to twins and have need of some aid:)?
Hey, I am Leighton-Carrie. I am 19 years old and pregnant with twin girls who are due in Early August and this isn’t really a pregnancy query but I just need some advice from the moms. Some framework info: I am 19 years old. I am a proffesional dancer and I will…

7 weeks back nuptials and call everything rotten a moment ago resembling that?
i don’t understand it we were going fine for so long we haven’t argued in the second 2 month, and then he makes a joke that he requests to call off the marriage and the marriage ceremony? then he makes it into something serious, we have be trying for 2 years to…

9 days unsettled and cynical pregnancy exam :(?
I’m so tired of this. waiting and waiting for my period! I have done a test and it be negative. could I still be pregnant or should I forget about it?? i think I peed on the stick to much, can that fade the procession?? has anyone got negative? and next got a…

A 16 year ancient beside a little one?
Okay now don’t jump at me yet. I really want a bit baby and have been benevolent for my cousins [who’s 24] all this summer. I also have a part-time post and have saved up over 800$ this summer. Me and my bf have talk it over and he said he’s want to have one also. However…

A- blood typing and B+ or A+ father press?
my baby is getting blood typed from an amno. i am A- and one of the fathers are A+ and one of them are B+ and my other kids that are from the A+ father they both are A+… if the baby comes out A+ does it suggest that i am having the baby from…

A contemporary directive for have too tons kids and not individual responsible for them?
I have talked to several women who have more than 5 kids and they complain that they don’t own enough $$ to pay for their food and stuff. I just wonder why would they want to hang on to having too many children knowing that they need attention and so heaps…

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Sharp Pain In Stomach

Sharp stomach pain and 39 weeks pregnant!?

This morning when i got up i experienced some sharp pains in the top of my stomach above my belly button and across to the sides of my stomach. The pains last for only a matter of seconds but occur very regularly (3x Minute) and it went on for nearly 4 hours, and my belly has noticably dropped over night more so then before.
Is this just braxton hicks? I’ve never experienced them before and this is my 3rd time pregnant. I’m still losing mucus as of the past nearly 3 weeks now, and i have been moving my bowels very frequently.
Love to no your thoughts on if i’m going to meet my baby this weekend.

I would have it checked at the hospital. Every pregnancy is different, so it could be time!!!

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Stomach Pain Belly Button

‘Unreal’ surgery uses body’s orifices to treat troubles
When doctors told Marion Fitzgerald that a tumour was wedged deep behind her eye and they would have to cut into her skull to remove it, she thought she knew what she was in for.

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Sharp Stomach Pain

Sharp stomach pains/lower back pain/missed period?

I am more than two weeks late on my period and am experiencing sharp pains in my lower right abdomen and lower back pain. I recently had mono, and I am thinking maybe it’s recovery from that. I have been sexually active, but it’s been protected. I took a pregnancy test though three days ago and it was negative. The stomach pains come and go, as does the back pain. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can really move much. Any ideas what this could be or what I can do to help stop it?

Check another pregnancy test, you can never go wrong with another just for making sure

if not consider whether or not you’ve recently been sick, gained or lost a significant amount of weight, have been under excessive stress or have taken any new medications. All of these things can affect your menstrual cycle and cause you to have irregular periods.

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Abdominal Pain Belly Button Area

I woke up crying with extreme abdominal pain, i have had it a few times lately?

I have this very sharp pain right above my groin area and below my belly button, every once or so a week i get it, and just now i woke up with the worst “attack” of it that i have ever had!

What could be wrong? I’m a 17 year old guy, if that makes a difference.

does it happen when u eat nuts, or foods with seeds.. then its.. diverticulitis

or u have a hernia, or if its on the right side thats your liver, u must party haha
ur appendix is there too..

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