Belching | Sharp Abdominal Pain - Stomach, Upper, Lower, Right, Left Side Pain


Symptom Stomach Pain Belching

Wha health problems are these symptoms caused by?

Pain around the navel and stomach area (especially during and after eating)
The belly button are feels hardened (especially after eating)
Painful belching for no apparent reason
A sudden sharp pain and or burning under the left lower rib

Gastric ulcer.

Because, when you eat, more acid is produced to digest the food. Thats the cause of more pain during and after eating.

Get assessment from your doctor. It needs medical attention.

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Abdominal Pain Belching Gas

Help!!! it is killing me!! i had this for a while now, its getting worse?

a little nausea (especially when i get upset and cry) or i eat eggs, gas, Belching, bloating??? what could it be??? im sure im not lactose intolerant since i do not have any dairy products, im a vegan, but once a while i eat eggs. sometimes the pain is lower abdominal, other times it is my stomach (upper abdominal) another thing is that i do drink diet soda, but i’m not a junkie. i try to eat healthy, if i do eat junk food it is ones a while.

I have the same issue when i eat eggs. My doctor told me that its because i am partially lactose intolerant.

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Stomach Pain Nausea Belching

Stomach trouble..please help?

More often than not over the past 8 months I’ve had loose bowel movements, pain in my lower left side, nausea, bad breath, canker sores, a white coating on the back of my tongue which I don’t think is thrush, gas.. a lot of belching and my throat has been feeling funny and strained. Anyone have and idea what this could be?

why did you have to leave it for 8 mos? go to your doctor quick!!!!!!!

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