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abdominal pain viral hepatitis

Abdominal Pain Viral

What is the difference between?

Bacterial infections and viral infections. My partner was sick last week with the flu (or flu like symptoms), when she got over the achy feeling, congestion etc, she started throwing up, feeling very nauseous and having upper abdominal pain. We took her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed as having severe dehydration and a viral infection. They gave her an IV and anti nausea medicine. She got sick right after she left the hospital and then became sick again. This was the day before yesterday. Yesterday, she was feeling better, last night, throwing up again constantly and having pain. Today, throwing up. I think this is more than a passing virus, we are about to go the doctor, what things should I have the doctor check for?

Viruses are diseases like: flu, cold, HIV/AIDS, measles, chicken pox….these illnesses can not be treated with antibiotics, mostly you just treat the symptoms and wait for it to go away, or you use PREVENTION such as vaccine, etc.

Bacteria cause disease like: strep throat, bacterial pneumonia (not all pneumonia is due to bacteria), skin infection, acne, and bladder infection. Antibiotics treat these.

Bacteria are free living single celled organisms, but viruses are not free living, they replicate inside host cells which is why you can’t kill them without killing the host.

Mainly, with serious stomach symptoms, and vomiting, I would make sure it isn’t something else like a gallbladder attack or something. She really has to be careful about dehydration…maybe she needs IV fluid.

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