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abdominal pain green stool nausea

Abdominal Pain Green Stool

Ok so what’s wrong with me?

I woke up at 5am this morning in agony, with the urgent need to crap, it took me about half an hour to pass a stool and it was green (wtf? I like the colour but not that much) I had extreme abdominal pain and felt like I was going to throw up.. bile rose in my throat but I held it and then the feeling went away.. but all day I’ve been sweating so badly and I smell sooo bad. I guess my period can explain my abdominal pains but I’ve never felt this bad before when I’ve been on my period. I’m going to the Doctor tomorrow, but I want to know, do you have any idea what may be wrong?
This happened throughout the day.

Green stool is usually nothing to worry about. It could indicate that you’ve been eating a lot of green vegetables (chlorophyll turns it green) or that it went quickly through your digestive tract, not having enough time to turn brown in the large intestine. A difficult period can throw your whole body out of whack–I hope that’s all it is. Good luck.

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