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Abdominal Pain White Stool

my friend is sick with vomiting and bad cramps?

My friend who is never sick called me last night in bad bad he said he could’nt even touch his it felt like he would pass out if he touched it, it hurt so bad I told him to go to the ER he did! They gave him morpine and a IV with fluids then sent him home. All they told him was, could be anything! They gave him a perscription for pain meds, vomiting and a softner! They said his white blood cell count was a lil high and they did a cat scan and said all looked fine there. He is white as a gost in really bad pain and I don’t know what he has or what to do help! please any one with these same symptoms? or any Drs or nurses out there reading this?

sounds like food poisoning to me… had the same thing a year ago. just let him vomit to purge him of the toxins he might have taken in. did you ask him what he ate or drank? see if the medications he’s taking work, if not, have him go to the hospital and get on a drip and stay there til he gets better. these could be symptoms of salmonella food poisoning, APPENDICITIS could be considered too..

high white blood cell count could indicate infection in the body. have him checked ASAP..

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Author: admin on June 2, 2010
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