Stomach Pain Weed | Sharp Abdominal Pain - Stomach, Upper, Lower, Right, Left Side Pain

Stomach Pain Weed

allergic to marijuana?

i tried smoking a couple times and i threw up blood and my throat would swell and my gave me extreme

and the other day i smoked tobacco out of a pipe that was just smoked out of and i got the stomach pains

also, i am dating a guy that smokes weed basically on a regular basis, and we hook up and all
but now i am sick, and my throat is so big i cant talk and i did have stomch pain and all and dizziness

so i am allergic to weed i think, but can hooking up with my bf be giving me allergic reactions too?

you crazy girl!
theres nothing with ganja and you should just smoke alot more and get used to it.
but seriously, you probably are allergic to it, its quite common. My advice is go a little bit without smoking and then try it again and see how you feel, then take some meds and if it gets better then No ganja for you. besides, drinking is more fun anyway right?
and hooking up with your bf shouldnt affect you unless you like eat his mouth while hes smoking, so dont worry about that

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Author: admin on May 9, 2010
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