Stomach Pain Near Naval Area | Sharp Abdominal Pain - Stomach, Upper, Lower, Right, Left Side Pain

Stomach Pain Near Naval Area

is this appendicitis or just my period acting up?

before i even had my pd. my lower right wud feel uncomfortable? iono how to explain it.. i didnt feel just uneasiness.. and then when i had my period.. i started havin pains; i know its not cramps cuz i can tell the difference.. i feel nauseous but i never actually vomitted.. yesteday when i was sleeping, my lower right started to hurt.. so i got up and sat there and the stopped, when i laid down again the hurted near the naval and then moved to the bottom left side.. then i had diaharrea.. and the went away.. but rite now.. im feeling the uneasiness again at my lower right side.. my stomach wud also make noises for no reason.. i wud go to the doctors but my parents are workin and they dont have time to take me rite now so im jus wonderin if it can b appendicitis or wat?

I’m not sure about an appendicitus, i am not expert but i don’t think it sounds like one. it normally comes along with crippling pains that don’t move or fade away. It could be related to your peruiod, or it could be like trapped air. i know that can cause pain that sounds similar to what you have. Why not try a strong mint, that can help with wind. But the most importnt thing is, if your pains gets worse or you develop more symptoms. Phone an ambulance, your is not something worth the risk. IF your pain continues, heaad to the docotr of even ring the doctor and speak to someone. Good luck and i hope i helped a little.
the other option is you could have a stomach bug or virus. IF your symptoms continue for more than a few days…go to your docotor as soon as possible.

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Author: admin on May 26, 2010
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