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Stomach Pain Alcohol Withdrawal

Withrawing from beer: I am weaning off beer and need advice, suggestions, etc. See the details for an exp.?

I used to drink liquor a long time ago and started on wine and beer a shorter, but long time ago, I switched to whine after that, and now I drink only beer. I used to drink about 10-14 a day and now have gotten down to 8 a day. It’s 3.6% light beer. I had to VERY slowly wean off. I have a fat liver and I have in my lower right side, I think my lining. I went to the doc a while and was advised to quit. They did an ultrasound on my liver and there was no cirrhosis, about a year ago. Now I have this pain that feels like irritation down there. Do you have advice I can use or personal experiences with this? Is it dangerous to cut down by one or two a week until there is none? I would LOVE to be alcohol free for the rest of my life and have nothing wrong with me from all the damage I’ve done. I drank for about 10 years. Until now, I didn’t realize that there was anything wrong with it. I want to stop, have no insurance, so no rehab. I fear withdrawal.

I hate to say this, but even with no insurance you really need to do this weaning with the help of a doctor b/c of your liver pain and the amount you drink. He can prescribe Librium to help you. Alcohol withdrawal can literally kill you. It needs to be done the right way.

Although cutting down by one or 2 drinks a week sounds like a reasonable plan. It would take you a little over a month if you cut down to 6 drinks a day for next week, then 4 drinks a day for the following week, then 2 drinks a day, then maybe 1 drink a day, then none. If you’re feeling shaky and sick then you might need to go slower than that. Go to AA meetings, it really helps.

I quit drinking over 6 years ago with the help of AA (it’s free) and haven’t had a drink since.

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Author: admin on June 19, 2010
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