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Stomach Pain Moving

Lower right quadrant pains that moved?

I already know the possibility of appendicitis, however, I went to the doctor’s twice (yesterday and today as a follow up) and she doesn’t think it’s it, but rather something viral. However, she stated it could be a REALLY slow case of appendicitis that goes away for a bit then flares up later and requires an appendectomy. Does anyone know the name of the virus that she’s talking about? I’m concerned about peritonitis because the moved, but I never had REALLY sharp pains. What is your guys’ verdict?

1. Your doctor should be checking for rebound tenderness, a sign of appendicitis.
2. Which way did it move? If it moved from the right flank area ( the kidney area), you may have a kidney stone.
3. The MD should have also done a complete blood count with a differential on the white blood cells to look for infection.
4. I don’t know the name of the virus, but if the pain does not go away, you need to be seen. A second opinion is a good idea. If it does not agree with the first, then a third opinion.
5. Generally, we worry about peritonitis if the pain suddenly stops. The abdomen will become very rigid if the appendix ruptures and peritonitis sets in

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Author: admin on July 21, 2010
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