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Stomach Pain Knots

Problems due to stress?

The past 2 weeks I’ve been having abnormal stomach pains… it varies from bubbly feelings, just on one side, that butterfly feeling, the feeling like my stomach is in knots, and more recently the most painful is when it feels like i have a balloon in my chest pressing and creating pressure and feels like razor blades inside of me. I’ve been very depressed and stressed the past two weeks and haven’t had much of an appetite because everything upsets my stomach, and when i don’t eat, i still get the pains. I usually don’t get stomach pains everyday like this. can stress/depression cause these stomach pains? I have one right now on the right side of my stomach, and it’s a whirling feeling. Any help/ answers would be greatly appreciated.

These are signs that your body/stomach is extremely hungry. Even if your not ‘feeling’ hungry or like eating.
Because you are not putting any food in your stomach the acid that is in there is turning around and having nothing to do, causing pain, discomfort, bloating, twisting feelings.
It’s a horrid feeling and can make you feel quiet sick, making it harder it to eat when you don’t feel like it. I am the same.
But the only way to treat it is to have something, even very small, to eat. It will stop this pain/discomfort straight away.
Depression can make you loose your appetite. It’s a side effect. Some people get hungry.
Please try and eat something because not eating and that ‘hungry’ stomach acid is not a good mix. Those razor blade pain can turn into ulcers if you leave it too long.

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Author: admin on February 23, 2010
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