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Stomach Pain Like Needles


my stomach hurts..n its near my belly feels like there’s something poking my a needle..i can’t sleep at night..n i go to the toilet regularly..i have my periods..what is wrong with me??..sometimes..i can’t fart & burp..


Could have many reasons, it’s usually due to a virus, and more commonly a food .

You could go to a doctor but they usually don’t have luck dianosing indigestion problems, they just throw you a pack of pills and say to come in a few months.

Personally, I had similar problems all of my life and had dozens of doctor visits for it, turned out I found out recently, myself, that I am allergic to wheat, and some grains. Feel great though now that I did the work of the doctors and so I am cured!

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Author: admin on February 25, 2011
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