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Stomach Pain Excedrin

bloody stool and upset ?

i have been taking for quite a while on a daily basis2 in the morning and 2 with lunch for various reasons.However,i’ve recently noticed blood when i use the bathroom and and am noticing my stomach is upset alot. what can it be? also, for daily aches and pains, what would be a good alternative to Excedrine ?

Excedrin is extremely hard on the stomach. If you’ve been taking this first thing in the morning without food – you may have set yourself up for some problems.

For now you’re going to have to see a medical doctor to find out why you are bleeding because it could be an ulcer. You should not take any medication at this time. Do not eat any fried foods, fatty foods or junk food. I recommend you eat rice, oatmeal, potatoes and soup to help soothe the stomach.

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Author: admin on October 17, 2010
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