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Right Abdominal Pain Deep Breath

im 13 years old..ihave this really bad in my right abdominal section. icant take deep breaths or laydown.

if i take deeps breaths or laydown , pain shoots through the whole right side of my body. and i havent slept all night.
wow really?
my abdominal pain has lasted for almost 2 days.
i tried falling asleep but as soon as i inhale deeply i wake up because my body hurts. and i dont have aids.
uhh i dont wanna tell my parent s tho. what happens if you have appendicitis and you dont get your appendix removed?
wait. so if i dont tell anyone , i could die??uhh.

I am pretty sure this is appendicitis. I’m saying this because on an episode of Life With Derek, Casey had the same symptoms as you. Like, pretty much exactly. And she had apendicitis. I know you are prob afraid to tell, but you really should tell your parents. If you have appenditicis, it must be treated. Pleas eog tell your parents, it’s for your .

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Author: admin on December 22, 2010
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