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Abdominal Pain Warfarin

and Heartbeat?

Recently I suffered with pleurisy and pneumonia. By the end of January (worked thru conditions).
I had severe chest pains and abdominal pains.
I was given warfarin..which gave me severe kidney pains. Eventually I was given another anticoagulant but only after weeks of terrible to the point of losing consciousness.
Which eventually became cyclical and was not abated by pain killers.
On one occasion it took three lots of morphine to dilute the effects.and then only slightly.
Anyway I was given cardio version after several visits to hospital.
This corrected my heartbeat to 44 beats a minute.
This lasted for 8 days after which I got sharp pains in my chest……after which my heart had reverted to a rather slow AF.
Is there anyone out there who knows whether a further cardio version may work or am I destined for constant discomfort and af for life. I am 51 and was running 6miles three times a week prior to all of this.

Why Do I Need a Cardioversion?

Each normal heartbeat starts in an area of the heart known as the sinus node which is located in the upper right chamber of the heart (right atria) [see figure one ~ normal conduction). The sinus node contains specialized cells that send an organized electrical signal through the heart resulting in a perfectly timed, rhythmic heartbeat. In patients with atrial fibrillation, however, the atria fibrillate (or “quiver”) due to chaotic electrical signals that circulate throughout both atria. This typically results in a fast and irregular heartbeat. While some patients have no symptoms, others may experience shortness of breath, lightheadedness and fatigue. Depending on your specific medical history and symptoms, your physician may recommend a cardioversion to return your heart to a normal rhythm.



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Author: admin on March 3, 2011
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