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Lower Abdominal Pain Twinges

please help me?

it all started a day after my period ended. I started getting lower cramps, (not like menstrual ) twinge like pains in my sides (not all at once) bloating, nauseous, headache,backach, stiff neck, sneezing like crazy (don’t have a sinus problem and not sickor about to get sick) sore breasts and nipples and visible veins in my breasts, pains near my naval, bubbling noises in tummy and bowel movement more then twice a day sometimes more then 3 time a day. Not pregnant (tested last night and this morning) and not trying to concieve. what could be the problem? please help.

Looks like u have flu. Go see a doctor. Besides, in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ur body seems like too cold (too much yin). Do not take cold drinks during ur period as ur immune system is at its lowest, getting a flu virus and combining with an imbalance “Yin and Yang” and body qi (the energy flow). The u had r indication of stomach flu at initial stage. At a later stage, u will get a fever. I think u r likely to also have bacterial infection too and ur lymph nodes are swell up thats why u have sore nipples, u will need to get antibiotics and rest, go see a GP first.

If ur symptom get worst after u recover from flu, and ur body has become imbalance with too much yin, you may experience a white discharge. If that happens, it will take a longer time to get your body to become balance again.

What are the stuffs not to take that are too cold(too yin) for the body. Sour food, cold drinks, beer. Adequate rest and warm food will help. If not seek alternative medicine like TCM to maintain a balance body. U can read more on the internet about TCM.

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Author: admin on April 21, 2010
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