Lower Abdominal Pain Sore Nipples | Sharp Abdominal Pain - Stomach, Upper, Lower, Right, Left Side Pain

Lower Abdominal Pain Sore Nipples

notice ewcm at 11dpo what could this be?

I had my period 15 Nov
I Ovulated early 24 Nov (notice ewcm and had lower abdominal )
this week i been having light mid cramping pain with mild backache
and now i been to the toilet and after i wipe myself notice ewcm on the paper
i know it not ovulating i already had this
symptoms slight sore nipples
is this a sign of pregnancy

No type of cm or lack of cm is a sign of pregnancy. It’s due to hormones. I get that every once in a while. Don’t worry about it :)

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Author: admin on July 4, 2010
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