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Right Abdominal Pain Pulled Muscle

muscle strain?

I am 17 weeks along and definitely showing and during one of my nocturnal wake ups for a run to the bathroom I found myself asleep on my . When I went to turn over so I could get out of bed I felt a really bad pulling sensation on the left side of my right below my ribs. Now I know its not my uterus causing the because its not even above the height of my bellybutton yet. The spot where I felt the pulling sensation has been sore since then. It feels almost like a muscle strain, that’s why I think it is a muscle strain. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I ask because I never had this happen with my first pregnancy and it just seems odd to me that I even managed to do it. Usually when I get a muscle strain on my abdomen it is from doing sit ups, but then again I guess I did TRY and use them when I was rolling over last night.

I don’t know how much you’re showing but sleeping on your stomach at 17 weeks won’t harm the baby. During the 1st trimester is the last time you will be able to sleep on your stomach or and be comfortable with risks. The pain you felt when turning over could possibly come from round ligament pains. I’ve had those pains alot while turning over because I toss around when I sleep. It’s possible that you’ve a muscle but I doubt it. Try not to use your ab muscles too much when rolling over. ;)

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Author: admin on August 9, 2010
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