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Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

my great pyrenees has lot of belly . what is home remedy for that?

he eats a lot. in fact food is his weakness sometimes he eats more than his belly can handle. It results in pains afterwards.

I try not to feed him much, but he keeps giving me the hungry look and i get fooled by it.

First, you need to join one of Yahoo’s fine pyr groups so you can get guidance from pyr owners.

Second, you need to learn how to be a good, strong, loving, alpha pack leader. Giving in to any dog just because they give you a sad look to make you feel guilty is the best way to train that dog to be a nasty tempered tyrant. You need to understand the concept of “Tough Love”. It works with dogs as well as with children.

You need to talk to pyr owners and your vet as to how much you should be feeding your dog. This depends on his age and weight and what brand of food you are feeding. Overfeeding a dog because it begs gives you a dog who will have a LOT of serious problems as it gets older.

You didn’t explain how you know he’s got stomach pains.
My adult male used to overeat at a sitting, and the result was that he’d throw it all up. I had to restrict his meals to small servings, and feed him more often. But pyrs tend to be stoic and not show pain, so I don’t understand from your lack of description why you think he’s in pain.

If you can’t ignore his begging, you won’t be a good owner and he won’t be a good canine citizen. If you overfeed him because you give in to his begging, then you should not own any dog until you learn how to make decisions that are good for the dog and stand by them in spite of his begging.

I’m sorry to sound harsh, but you need to learn that you have to show love of a child or a dog by doing what is right for their health and well being, and not give in to betting and pouting looks. Giving in to a child or a pet does NOT mean you’re a good parent… it means you’re not self assured enough to know what’s right and you don’t have the inner strength to do what you know is right, in spite of the child’s or pet’s facial expressions.

AH… the remedy you asked for… I almost forgot:
multiple, small servings throughout the day
AFTER you calculate, or have your vet tell you how much total food the dog should consume during a single day… you then split that total intake amount into … 2 meals a day (usually) or 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals for a pup or a dog who overeats at one time. -!-

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Author: admin on February 23, 2011
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