Sharp Abdominal Pain - Stomach, Upper, Lower, Right, Left Side Pain

“Maintain Your Optimal by Keeping Tabs on Stomach Concerns”

Q: Can Stomach Pain be related to Colitis, Depression, Mesothelioma, Hernia or even STD’s ?

A: Yes, possibly.  The answer lies within your symptoms. So, do your research.

From time to time we will all experience stomach pain of some sort.  However, when your abdomen pain gets too severe and it starts to be sharp , then you will have to take action!

Good Rule of Thumb: The Internet can provide valuable information. Research leads to and could mean less visits to the doctor!  Be informed before seeing your Doctor…

First, Do a Self Abdominal Pain Exam:

1. Knowing how to describe and locate the pain is the first step in diagnosing the problem. Lie on your back and push firmly on your stomach where you think you feel pain. Use the tips of your fingers to do this. Breathe normally while pushing with one hand in areas where you feel tenderness or anything out of the ordinary, such as a …Read More

2. If you are experiencing discomfort when urinating, or tenderness in your bladder area, this could be either a bladder infection, a (UTI) or possibly a sexually transmitted disease (STD). You should…Read More

3. Record how often you are experiencing symptoms, the duration and the exact locations of these abdominal discomforts. If you experience sharp pains, bleeding, or , you should…Read More

4. It would also be a good idea to bring any medications that you are taking when you see your physician. Sometimes, certain medications could cause cramping, and could be a side-effect of some of your pain. Don’t assume that it is just your medication, or an to a food. Always get checked out by a physician if these symptoms persist, or to just make sure everything is OK.

Ways of describing pain in your sharp abdominal pain may include (but not limited too):

What Symptoms of Abdominal Pain Are Cause for Concern?

If your abdominal pain is severe or if it is accompanied by any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible:

These symptoms can be an indication of an internal problem that requires treatment as soon as possible.

How Is Sharp Abdominal Pain Treated?

Treating abdominal pain depends on its cause. This can range from medications for inflammation, GERD or ulcers, to antibiotics for infections, to changes in personal behavior for abdominal pain caused by certain foods or beverages. In some cases such as appendicitis and hernia, surgery is necessary.

Relieve stomach pain at home:

1. Activated Charcoal is a good way to relieve an upset stomach. If you don’t have charcoal on hand…Read More

2. Drop a mint into any type of hot and let it do it’s work on the for at least 45 seconds. Read More

Warning! Please keep in mind that the information contained within this site is not professional medical
advice, and should not be used as a substitute for such information. If you are concerned about Abdominal Pain Causes or the potential risk(s) they pose, or the other medical situation(s) mentioned, then contact someone who is qualified in this area, such as a licensed doctor or other medical professional(s).

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